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Our Favorite Links

Ferret Links

The American Ferret Association, Inc.
Ferret news, information and events.

Ferret Books and Magazines
Some of our favorite ferret books and magazines.

The Ferret Company
Cool stuff and ferret calder by Jeanne Carley

Ferret Fun
Ferrety links and information for people who love ferrets.

Ferret Health Care
A comprehensive collection of ferret health care resources.

The Ferret Realm
A friendly message board for ferret lovers.

The Hidey Hole Store
They have home made ferret bedding, toys, and ferret related gifts for sale in their store and they help support ferret rescues.

Car Donation Program

Donate your Car, Boat, Truck, RV, Jet Ski or Snowmobile to Living Word Fellowship and receive a tax deduction.This no cost, no hassle process begins when you contact our fundraising partner, Donation Line LLC 1-877-227-7487. Or you can click here, "Donate Car" or select a link from our link selection at


Please help support the ferrets in our care! We are a 501(c)(3) charity and can accept your tax-deductible donations online via PayPal. It's quick and easy and you can make a donation of any amount with your credit card, check card, or personal check! Every dollar helps a ferret in need!

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