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Ferret Adoption Application

Please find out if your city allows ferrets, and what permits, if any, are necessary. These can usually be found at your local city hall.

Please read our adoption process and procedures information before completing an application.

Please note: It is the responsibility of adopters to provide proper care for any animal they adopt.

Potential adopters under 18 must have a parent or guardian fill out the application form. For legal reasons, the parent or guardian must be the primary adopter and be willing to take on the full care of the animal, if needed.

We do NOT ship ferrets! We adopt to people in the Northern Ohio area that can personally visit our ferrets.

People who live in neighboring states may be considered if they provide a valid veterinary reference. Valid phone numbers for references are required.

If you do not live in our area, please check this list for a list of other ferret shelters.

Please complete the application as completely as possible.

Today's Date:
Your Name:
Daytime Phone #
Night Phone #
Text Messaging is ok at #
Are you over 18? Yes No
Note: You must be over 18 to sign the adoption contract.

Home Address:
City, State: ,
County in Ohio
Zip Code:
How long at this address?:

Do you rent or own? Rent Own
Does your landlord allow pets? Yes No Not Renting
Landlord's Name and Address:
Landlord's Phone Number:

Best time to call landlord? Normal Business Hours Evening/Weekend
How many people live in your home?
Do you have children in your home? Yes No
If yes, please specify ages:

If you saw a specific ferret that you are interested in adopting, please specify.

What is the age range you wish to adopt?

Do you foster animals from another organization? If so please provide info.

What other pets besides ferrets do you live with, and how many?

Do you have a ferret now, or owned one in the past? Have now Had in past Never owned

Have you owned a ferret before? If yes, is it still with you, if no, what happened to it:

Do you currently have a cage suitable for a ferret?
Yes No

If yes, please describe the cage in detail. Including make, model + dimensions.

Where will you keep the ferret cage?

If you have ferrets, how often and for how long are they out of the cage? If you don't have ferrets now, how long do you plan to have them out of the cage?

What will/do your ferret(s) eat? (Please specify)

Do you currently have a veterinarian? (Please call your Vet clinic and authorize the staff to release information to us when we call)
Yes No

If yes, please list their name, address, and telephone number:

If you have ferrets, when was your last vet visit and what were the results?

Are all current animals up to date on shots / vaccinations?

Yes No

If Yes, when are they due?

How much are you willing to spend on an unexpected emergency should your adopted pet get sick or injured?


If someone referred you to us, please note this in the comments box above.

I have read the adoption process and procedures information, and affirm that all information included in this application is true and factual. Any misinformation or false statements are reason for application rejection. I give Ferrets Unlimited permission to contact my veterinarian to verify statements.
Yes No

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